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Shauna (inji) wrote,
@ 2004-05-10 14:11:00
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    Current mood: sad

    Over load
    Mylife is becoming so crazy. For a long while I wasn't writting in my blurty. But now with the school year comign to an end, and wiht everythign as crazy as it is, i think its time i start writting again.

    i have so much school stuff going on right now. Im gettting more and more homework every night and im starting to feel the preasure of MCAS and finals coming up.

    we have several projects we're working on too. Everythign is just so crazy i barely have any time to myself.

    We have gym at the end of the day on Monday, and they let us back in so late that i may have missed my bus if i tried to catch it.
    On any other day i would have tried, but if i missed it my mom wouldn't be hoem for hours to come get me and i didn't want to walk home with all my books. It was so long walking home last time, that me and my friends almost collapsed. And that was with an empty bag. :(

    So anyway, Nipa gave me a ride hoem today, which i am very greatful for. She also gave Lindz a ride home. And the reason why im so sad is that when im aroudn anita and lindz at the same time...i feel like i shouldn't be there.

    Maybe i shouldn't be there. I can't do anything about it if someone wants to talk to someone else more than me. I don't want to sound like im looking for attention here o_o but this is how i felt...
    I'm lost.


    I have so much homework. I think ill start now.

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Same, same...
2004-05-10 20:19 (link)
I kinda felt the same way during chorus today. But at least Sarah was there, making fun of Hen's head positions with me...

I thought she had changed =/

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