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Shauna (inji) wrote,
@ 2004-01-31 16:27:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Dead and Broken--Godsmack

    Weird convo
    Today in a chat room i started talking to Mickle's friend who i dont even kno who she is but i think i should know.
    Ok lemmie start from the begining.

    Mickle was mad at me for being spoiled, or so she says. I said i wasn't spoiled and worked for what i got. She got mad and was like sure...whatever. So she left and i continued ranting to her friends who seemed really interrested in hearing what i had to say.

    So i basically told her that everything i do is to shape the way people respect me and to get me closer to the golas that i set for myself.

    Then i was like people respect me and trust me and thats why they would do something for me. And I was like ya i kno its hard to believe people would respect em because of how i act. And so she asked how i acted and i said how i could be a reall goof and would zone out. So i would miss things

    Then we got into my reall "problem" if thats what u want to call it. I think she's the first person ive told...and i dont kno her. XD. So like any way i said how alot of the times my thoughts will drown out what other people say. So even when they;re talking to my face i won there them. I really hate it

    I have fine hearing. All the time ill here really soft things. But to oftern its like I dont understand english. Someone will be 2 feet away from me talking completely audable and i wont kno what they said. Even if im paying atention. So ill just say im inattentiver to make up for wut i ont kno.

    Its really so weird. I hear them but i dont understand them. They're speaking perfect english, a language i've mastered (ya right but u get it) and i wont kno wut they're taslking about.

    Its really inconveinent...I miss so much even if i am listening. And id like to repeat, that 've never had hearing problems. Its like my thoughts really drown out the people talking around me... I really do hate it.

    Its a big problem but i dont kno whats going on. I asked her if it ever happened to her and she said no. Because im really curious if it happens to anyone else... So tell me if it happens to u.

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Sometimes I kinda feel like that, I guess.
2004-01-31 17:38 (link)
I think sometimes I'll be kinda like what you're talking about, but I don't pay enough to attention to realize I'm not paying attention sometimes. But like, I'll be listening but the words don't really make it to me and sink in. I just give some default response when s/he stops talking. I'm just a short-attention span person. I should get myself checked out for ADD or something.


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