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The Mad Scientist (injection) wrote,
@ 2003-01-20 22:04:00
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    Current mood:childish

    I love my legos. I haven't sat and built things with legos in a long time. I built my lego Lucius a mansion, and Dobby has a box to sleep in. Draco lives happily with Lucius, and the fake Narcissa which is a normal lego girl with a blond ponytail. Oh well. My two Harrys come over a lot to visit, and they're best friends with Indiana Jones and Ninja Master. The Harry legos are so funny. Harry can't wear his wizard hat unless he takes off his hair. Excuse me, but that's scary. So one of my Harrys has his hair on, and the other's hair is sitting ownerless atop the sorting hat wheel.

    Soon Lucius has to go to ShinRa towers and meet with Czar Pizza Man, so they may take over the world together with the help of the red samurai army.

    I love imagining junk like a little kid.

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2003-01-20 22:13 (link)
"Harry can't wear his wizard hat unless he takes off his hair."
i'm sorry- that's just hilarous... that'll be my quote of the week! hahaha.

i'd much rather play with playdoh than legos- i lost most of mine. hahaha.

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Re: Legosssssssssssssss.
2003-01-20 22:17 (link)
Haha. ;p Glad to supply a quote of the week. I was frightened the first time I realized that.

Playdoh...I remember making food out of playdoh all the time, and pretending I owned a resturant. Too bad mine all dried out and had to be disposed of. Perhaps I should pick up some more. I believe the smell of playdoh is the most unique on the planet. That, my friend, is the smell of childhood.

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Re: Legosssssssssssssss.
2003-01-20 23:27 (link)
yessssssss and the most yummy.

btw- wanna hear something pathetically cute? when i was little and went to get shots, my mother used to stop at the drug store near the doctor's office and buy me some play doh. i had to get a shot around this time last year- my mother still got me that play doh from the drug store. [tears from memories]. so yeh- i have to get another shot or something in 2 weeks... does that mean more play doh? w0ot! \m/ rock on with that. hahaha.

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2003-01-21 12:17 (link)
haha. you're having fun. ;) wish i had legos, i was deprived as a child. ::sniffle::

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2003-02-10 19:06 (link)
Legos are beautiful... especially the HP ones. I was always frightened when I had to take off people's hair to put on their hats too... it was a little odd... o_0 ~Jen

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2003-03-05 08:49 (link)
Search: Handcuffs.

Added you.

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