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Stephanie (initdeep) wrote,
@ 2004-12-02 21:26:00
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    -:I:- Sickness -:I:-
    Yah, me ma took me to the docs today. The lady was more helpful then any other American doctor could have ever been. I think the lady may have been Mexican or else from over near Saudi Arabia. But she was nice. She gave me this nasty stuff to drink, made me want to vommit. I feel better though. She made me feel better. I thanked her to today.

    I have missed to much school. I think I will just switch over to Public school. I have nothing to look forward to from going to St. Joes. Except for maybe my few good friends who don't talk about eachother behind eachothers backs. I missed work again tonight. I feel horrible, but I am more obligated to go to school and be something. I can't get a hold of my brother John. The fucker... I wonder what he's up to. Declan seem's to be a little different lately. Poor kid, John better be treating him right or else I am going to be one pissed of Aunt! He doesn't like to leave with John. Could be because he likes being around me so much. He told me a few days ago that i was a cool aunt. I taught him some new words. I love it! I had flash backs from living in California.

    Taught him words like:

    Awesome! Way to go man! Surfs up! I even taught him how to stick up his two thumbs.

    I have recently been helping someone form Australia with his novel one vampires. He turned to me, an amateur vampirologist. Lucky me right? I finally get to test my knowledge. Some day the Gothic Press and me will be having a ball. Me at the Gothic Press, it would be a fucking dream come true! I can hardly wait. Although I have other things I look forward to. Soccer in the spring time. Get to show up those puny little freshmen chiccys. They all think they are so great. None can play soccer worth shit. Not that I should brag or anything, but yah... They can't play all that great. There are a select few who can actually play. THANK GOD!

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2004-12-03 10:42 (link)
Things are turning, like, even more should really be friends with my daughter.....she is like a vampire freak (uhh,not really, but you know).........she writes novels, too.........and reads Ann Rice and is really into it.....its kinda cool to me even though other people are like, "Don't let her be into that stuff, its for devil worshipers"!!!........yea, okay.......anyway....I wish you two could collaborate........that would be really cool.....


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2004-12-03 23:08 (link)
I would suggest asking her if she wants to get a journal on this site, I would deffinetly talk to your daughter. Its always good to talk to people who have the same interests but still a bit different. Yea, when ever someone says that stuff to me, its like," Yeah? Its for evil doers? Sure... Whatever you say!" Then I just wink and shrug it off. I do alot of shrugging.... I get easily annoyed by people who say that stuff. I guess though, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As much as it kills me sometime. But I bite my tongue, good thing it doesn't bleed from all the biting. But anyways. Your daughter sounds pretty cool. From the way you describe her. Deffinetly someone I would hang out with in high school.

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