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Stephanie (initdeep) wrote,
@ 2004-11-12 20:42:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    Salvaging Whats Left?!
    I feel so sad right now. I went to Mrs. Hildreth today, and ended up talking to her about more then just my grades. Now I am depressed more then I was two days ago, and this really sucks. I suppose I needed to talk to someone. I was talking with her, and she could tell I was fighting back tears. I hate it when people can see that I am doing that. I wish we were aloud to wear hats or hoodies while talking to the teachers. That way they can't see my tears. So they can't see the sorrow in my eyes. Every day I lie to myself saying today will be better, today will be a hell of alot better then yesterday. Everytime something goes good, someonething or someone messes it up. Why? WHY?! Mrs. Hildreth says she wants me to see her on Monday, and I can give her the ok to call my mom and talk to her. Whatever... Mom doesn't understand anything, she never listens to me. Mom likes to listen to herself talk, instead of listening to her own children.... OK! Maybe thats not true, but there are some things she just refuses to give in to, until it gets worse, then she starts getting concerned.

    MisfitsFnd: yeah
    CmfrtOnMyMind: Yes well, I managed to get up the courage to talk to my mom today.
    MisfitsFnd: what about>?
    CmfrtOnMyMind: My grades.... About going to the counceslor and ending up talking to the counselor about more then just the grades.
    MisfitsFnd: i see
    CmfrtOnMyMind: The counselor thinks I NEED to go see a professional Counselor or Therapist.
    MisfitsFnd: i've been thinking that about myself for years
    CmfrtOnMyMind: Yea.... I don't know whats good for me anymore.
    MisfitsFnd: fuck that just develope a drinking problem and write alot
    CmfrtOnMyMind: lol
    CmfrtOnMyMind: Yea.... Can be like Depp in Secret Window.
    MisfitsFnd: or like me

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