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meqee *` (infatuation_x) wrote,
@ 2003-01-04 02:20:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Louis' Voice stuck in my Empty head

    hey! im at kayteez house.. im sleepin over! yay! *claps hands* anywayz louis is mad at me and im so sick of it. i always mess everything up wahh!!! not cool at all and im like calling him incessantly like ARE U MAD WHY ARE U MAD TELL ME PLEASE DONT BE MAD! wahh im psychotic right now and idk what to dooOo! okay anyway uhh

    yea obsess much? louis thinkx the only reason why i like him is cuz hes hot, i didnt believe that at first but now im skeptical myself.. do i really like his personality or just his looks? either way i know i like him alot; katie just brought something to my attention: the whole reason why i got to know louis wuz cuz he was hot, but i think once i knew him it was much deeper than that... <3 idk what to do tho. cuz now ahh and chris ahh and kim is an idiot-who-i-dont-think-ill-ever-be-friends-with-again... *kaytee chimes in i will* but i dont think so but o welp time will tell... i just really need louis to forgive me *thinks of the salvation* anyway i better go...

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2003-01-04 10:56 (link)
your not obsessed ;)

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