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tyleR (infamous_punkr) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 15:39:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:the starting line:say it like u mean it

    beaches make me horny.....
    BUT not cuz of the chicks who sun tan topless lol KIRAH knows why tho sshhhh ok so yeah im horny and hyper but sick :\ and i got homecoming tomorrow. but if im not feeling up tp it ill prolly juss crash at allys house with her cuz she cant go cuz i guess her bro found out she ditched with me and told her dad and her dad got mad and grounded her. so that suks for her cuz her bf travis is gonna go with sum other chick. thats purdy jacked that hes goin with another girl. but thats how it goes round here. seriously. n e wayz. i guess imma go back to skating. i came in here for a drink of water n ended up talkin to ky for quite a while. 2 MONTHS in 1 more week. and she cant believe i was horny cuz im usuall NEVER horny lol seeeee
    Ethereal x Tearz: -laffz
    Ethereal x Tearz: omg
    Ethereal x Tearz: i cant believe ur horny
    Ethereal x Tearz: omg haha
    InfaMous PunKr: really and y is that
    Ethereal x Tearz: cuz ur NEVER horny
    Ethereal x Tearz: hell im prolly more hornier then u
    Ethereal x Tearz: lolz
    InfaMous PunKr: lol well half the time i dont say when im horny
    Ethereal x Tearz: lol
    Ethereal x Tearz: horniumpalous

    haahaa wellz imma go now. im hunger so imma take a ride to taco bell so see ya lates \m/

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