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Alexis (in_the_cold) wrote,
@ 2004-03-13 15:38:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:TNT - dynamite boy

    long time no type
    hey there everyone :). well nothing really happened lately...i did get sick though :tear: i know saddness right there...ummm well i might have a horse but i don't exactly know yet because i haven't paid for him yet lol because i don't have the $$ right now..OH NO! well i'll get it though don't worry guys :). oh but on the other note...I CUT MY HAIR!!! hotness mMmMm lol just kidding...i'm in such a good mood lallaa. today i'm going to be hanging out with the kel meister and we are going to be going to freehold mall and looking at prom dresses...i have to look good for my date...[danielle] lol we are going as friends guys :). lol ... we are awesome people and we are going to be the hottest ones there....and kelly too...umm yeah today is going to be FUNNNN! AND me and kelly are going to take a ride to BLOCKBUSTER and get MARIO PARTY 5 because we are cool like that 8-)...ohhh yeahhh lol...well hmm today wasn't that great of a day in the beginning me and my mom and sister got in a fight..oh no. but we are good now .. my mommy is going to join me kelly and claire to freehold mall....well we should get going soon...sooo see ya guys later...later alligator! xoxox

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fo sho
2004-03-14 09:15 (link)
it was freaking oober fun mofo...:) 17 freaking days!! woop woop! we're gonna be cruisin like whoa
i love you :)

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