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Alexis (in_the_cold) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 20:59:00
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    stole from meesh
    *First real memory of something: first trip to florida that took 4 days. oh man
    *First Best Friend: chel and danielle
    *First Job: remsterville learning center [still there]
    *First screen name: karatekid...what a dork i know
    *First self purchased album: ummm who knows
    *First funeral: daddys..when i was 8 months old
    *First pets: misty..[black lab]
    *First piercing/tattoo: earings when i was a baby and everytime they closed.
    *First credit card: don't have one
    *First enemy: rather not say :)
    *First big trip: florida [disney]
    *First play/musical/performance: i think snow white in 1st grade
    *First musician you remember hearing in your house: don't know

    *Last cigarette: never.
    *Last big car ride: the trip to PA for the haunted house
    *Last kiss: way long time ago
    *Last good cry: couple days ago
    *Last library book checked out: i haven't been to the library in a while
    *Last movie seen: currently watching Grease.
    *Last beverage drank: coke
    *Last food consumed: chicken holiday
    *Last crush: anthony
    *Last phone call made: my mom while i was at work
    *Last TV show watched: GUTS [oh yeah] haha
    *Last time showered: this morning
    *Last shoes worn: my vans
    *Last item bought: idk something at the mall yesterday
    *Last ice cream eaten: rainbow chocolate
    *Last shirt worn: my grey sweatshirt
    *Last time you were really happy: don't know
    *Last time you were hurt: a conversation w/ a certain someone
    *Last website visited: [michele's journal]

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2004-02-11 18:55 (link)
Wow, four days to get to Florida..... I made it to florida in one day, how's that!?!?!? I know that it would take a little longer for normal people, but I haul First self purchased album? I think mine was the soundtrack to the movie top gun, which was pretty good for the eighties. You had a black lab too? I had a black lab later on, but my first one was a mutt named Penny, then a dalmation named pepper, and well you get the idea... I haven't had a piercing or a tattoo, but I'm thinking about getting a tattoo sometime. Ryan and his cousin Cody are getting one when Cody turns eighteen so I might just get one then, but who knows.

Wow! Disney World!!! I've never been, but heard it's great, and plus I'd like to hit some of that snow white ass ;)
You don't have a credit card? Wow, I'm not the only one!!! Oh! I take back what I said about snow white, because of your first

Good, so when a guy kisses you your mouth isn't going to smell like an ash tray;P When is the last time you've been kissed? I think you need to lay one on ryan next time you come down..haha... So you like coke do you? I like Jack and Coke mixed, but I am not an alky, you can be sure of that.. mmm hm... heh... um, let's see, where was I, OH, You shower in the mornings and I shower in the evenings, sounds like a winning combination if you ask me..heh...

OK OK, enough of my rambling.. I'll let you get back to your daily grind, because I have to go to the garage and burn some metal and make some sparks fly, so I'll be back, you can count on that.



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2004-02-11 19:00 (link)
geeze no need to write a novel. goodness. me kiss ryan!! HA. no. that will never happen. [i wish] haha. :-[. well i have to step to cleaning.

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Re: geeeeze
2004-02-12 22:18 (link)

I like writing novels, thank you very much. I just like to type because it keeps the circulation in my hands going and that keeps them from freezing and falling off while I'm in my, what seems to be, sub-zero degree room. I don't know about you but I can't wait for warmer weather. I could do without the grass though, that's just a pain in the arse.

Oh yea! I forgot to tell ya' that I bought a big ass brick of firecrackers from when I went to Jacksonville, FL. There should be enough in this giant block of firecrackers to keep going off for at least five minutes...heh heh... anyways it's going to be awesome this july 4th, I can feel it coming on.



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