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Alexis (in_the_cold) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 17:55:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Scooby Doo Credits

    long time no see
    haha i forgot about this thing! woops! well...monday - friday..nothing new happened..just went to school and then work. one of those days i hung out with kaite...boy was that a fun filled day. haha. i almost killed myself walking out of her drive way but it's all good :). and today .. well i was suppose to be going out with kaite to the live stock auction, but we didn't do that because daddy is working late's impossible to go. and then me, michele, jennie, erin, and kaite were going to go to sports n stuff and makes dumbasses of ourself..but then we find out jennie has no money [maybe another time]. so i don't exactly know what's going to be happening today. maybe still going with kaite, erin, and my sister...watching my sister would be pretty darn funny. um well my sister and mommy and alex are at home depot..soo i should go start getting ready because i think we are going out to eat [?]. hm. well i'll get back to you all with the rest of my day :-D

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2004-02-08 21:32 (link)
Mr. Matt here again,

How could you almost kill yourself walking out of someones driveway? Well I guess anything is possible, I busted my ass walking out to get the mail one time, but didn't manage to kill myself, but then again I don't have suicidal tendencies like SOME people...haha, j/k.

Live stock auction, eh? I didn't know that there was still livestock up in New Jersey, just thought it was full of concrete ponds and recycled trees and the like.


Matt "the man" Fouty

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2004-03-21 11:42 (link)
next time u need some one to hang out w/..maybe u shuld call the best friend u never ever hang out with...

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