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Tumultuous Creepy (imsocreepy) wrote,
@ 2003-04-18 01:39:00
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    Current mood:depressed
    Current music:hurt - nine inch nails

    Of all the rocks amongst the stone
    my grave is but a silent throne
    the darkness of my life doth scream
    the wretched pain in my eyes does scream


    Crawlin is still crying over her and her Assinacan situation. If he wasn't so gay I'd beg our parents to make him marry her, since he's the one who loves her so. I'm not sure wot our parents were thinking when they did this to me.

    I saw her today, by chance. She wos in Hogsmeade with her sister and her parents, and they were going into the Three Broomsticks while I wos coming out (it wos rather late, and I wonder wot they had been doing for most of the day). Pervati looked like a maiden in entropy, her black hair pulled tight away from the sides of her angelic face, her large eyes encircled in the usual smearing of black ash liner, her dress -- Gods, her black dress with the corseted front and satin train looked morbidly enticing. She looked at me and I her, and in our stare we acknowledged the many trysts we've had in the darkened tunnels near the Slytherin dormitories. If I'd stared any longer I would've cried.

    I found some solace at Death Guild and stayed there until the dawn broke. It seems the only place I can feel safe in my sorrow.


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