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Rufus (imrufus) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 19:01:00
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    Current mood: lonely

    So yeah, life is a bit shaky right now. The stress is building up and all. I have two tests on monday and I really don't know when I am going to study for them with soccer games being this weekend!!! On top of that I have to make an appointment with my couselor so that I can register for classes and there is like so much other stuff i have to do right now. The worst part is that I am not even thinking about that at all. What I am thinking about is how much I miss a certain individual. Yes you most likely guessed right if you said nina. No, I don't like her anymore like in the romantic sense, its just really hard going from seeing her for hours everyday to just seeing her at meals once or twice a week. I miss hanging out with her! I mean what happened to the gal that i considered my best friend? I figured that even if we weren't going out she would be a very big part of my life, I guess perhaps maybe i was mistaken thinking in that sense. Its not exactly easy letting someone you care for out of your life, but I think at the moment she is more happy not being around me...As I have said before her happiness is what matters, Ill just miss her and the friendship we had. It was her frienship which made me smile, going out with her was just a little added bonus...the friendship is what i cherished, and that is what i miss. Its almost like a part of me is missing now. Anyhow, I know i prob. make no sense at all right now but yeah this entry isn't really for all of you it was more for me to get things out of my head and out on a paper, or well on the computer at least. nehow ill write again later an entry for you all to enjoy that will make sense.

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I know how u feel
2003-03-26 20:58 (link)
dude, i so know how u feel. But unfortainetly that is how it is sometimes. When me and my ex broke up it was hard because i really missed being around her. And she was my best friend. But after a little period of time. I totaly forgot about her. I know it is a little different because you two are still friends. But maybe she is just persueing other intersts. I don't know. you asked me to coment on your journal so i am and this is all i can come up with.

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Hey kid!!!
2003-03-26 22:02 (link)
Smile... it makes people wonder what you are up to.....
Im sorry you are missing her so much! Maybe in a while things will get better, and maybe you could try to talk to her a little bit more? I am not the right person to judge your efforts on trying to talk to her, but itll be here for ya!!!
luv ya!

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2003-03-26 22:40 (link)
story of my life. it'll work out alright, hun. i tell myself that everyday. it's hope for everything getting better that keeps me going. that situation is a difficult one that i haven't even figured out (even though i wish i could). we're here to support you though.

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Look up....
2003-04-02 17:51 (link)
You know what has kept me going through the hard break-ups that i have endured? (and u should know how hard they were), its the fact that i have friends and people i can talk to that will remind me whats important and make me smile. I know that letting someone go is hard, (ive done it before..... remember) but time heals all. ull be ok. trust me.

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