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Stefanie (imcut4you) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 15:23:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:none

    I didn't really think I was fat til' Chris pointed out to me I was... I have bearly eatin' anything since yesterday. I cried all day today cuz I feel so fat.. I can't belive I didn't see it before...
    Yesterday day was are last soccer game. We tied... and got 1st place.. Yay Raw.. Who wants a mutha fuckin' cookie?
    I talked to Laura last night about what were doin' this weekend. Were supose to go get plastered with Zack and some other dude.. Should be fun. But I'm not drinking.. it will make me fatter, and I don't wanna do anything I will regret with Zacks friend.. Cuz I love Chris..
    I cried myself to sleep last night after me and Chris got off the phone.. A lot of people don't see why I'm wasteing my time on him cuz if he cared he would wanna be with me or some shit... I cried because I think I agree, and I'm scared of losing him. I love him.
    I'm gonna go.. hang myself, or get my fat sucked out.

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Ur not fuckin fat
2003-10-17 15:11 (link)
Baby..ur not fuckin not let him tell u u are...cause just think about all the other ppl out there that weigh like 200-400lbs ur fuckin skinny compared to them...And ur fuckin skinny anyways no matter what anyone says dont fuckin listen to what some guy says cause they dont know what there talkin about...And i dont think u should put up wit his shit anyways...i think that he is honestly just using u and makin u think he loves u and shit when he is really fuckin doin all dis shit behind ur back...Y the fuck do u let him do dat!!!!???? I think u need to let him know that u dont need him and then maybe if he really wants u that he will realize that u dont need him and then will wanna be wit u more cause he knows that he could loose u any sec...And if he cared and loved u he sure da hell wouldnt fuckin tell u that u were fat when ur not....Trust me babe ur not fat..I love u...dont let ur self believe everything he says cause he is just gonna keep using u and hurtin u even more!!!!

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