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Marla (imakesoap) wrote,
@ 2004-03-31 10:05:00
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    Would you like American, Swiss, or Provolone?
    So things have turned a bit. I didn't get a part in the play. In fact, I didn't even audition. Because I forgot. Forgot about the auditions for the play I really wanted to be in. How? I have no fucking clue. It doesn't matter anyway. I work at Subway now. Wouldn't have time for rehearsals.
    How, you may ask, did I end up working at Subway? I can tell you simply. Two Thursday mornings ago, I stopped breathing in my sleep. That is actually what woke me up. Not the most wonderful feeling to wake up to. So I called the doctor, and got an appointment for 2:15 that afternoon. I was scheduled to work at Big Boy at 10:15. So I called and told the manager I had this appointment, and asked if I should come in and work until then. I explained to him that I needed to go because I was having trouble breathing. When I went into work, I told Mr. Mike The Manager that I couldn't return to work that day after my appointment because they were going to give me an asthma treatment, something called a nebulizer. It makes me very shaky and weak feeling.

    Mr. Mike the Manager flipped out.

    He basically said, "I don't believe you.Do you even want to work? I mean, you've had all these health problems(three in eight months) and you haven't gotten them fixed(went to the doctor for everything including xrays and prescriptions) I don't know what to believe anymore."
    During his flipping out, I stood there calmly, absorbing everything, fiddling with my apron strings. I was fiddling with my apron strings because I was pretty sure I was going to untie my apron,throw it on the floor, and walk out forever. By the time he said "I don't know what to believe anymore" I was imagining myself calmly raising my fist, sticking out my middle finger, and saying, "Then believe this. I quit, you motherfucking gook."

    But I didn't. I just walked away. Later, on my break, I called Subway. They hadn't given me a job because they needed someone on Sunday's. And I was required to work Sundays at Big Boy. I asked, "You guys still hiring?"
    They told me they were. I said, "Good, tell your manager that I am now fully available to work."

    And they did. And now I work at Subway. The only thing I really miss about Big Boy is that the aprons had pockets to put stuff in. Subway's aprons don't.

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