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Karen (imaginecamels) wrote,
@ 2004-03-02 21:09:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Reaggaeton....Daddy Yankee-Seguroski

    YAY! Today i was able to hang out with my friends. I had fun eventhough my friends may think otherwise. I had a great time. We went around fair city mall for a while. We were at a little inside place where Colin would ask randon people about Jimmy Carter. HE then got himself into a funny arggument with some lady who said JC is NOT Jimmy Carter. JC is Jesus Christ.. That was some funny shit. She also asked Colin if he was high, and what was he on. He said he snorted vicoden, but she said you CANT snort that. hahahaha, sure you can. Anyway, I was sooo embarrassed. We were able to SMOKE! YUMMM!!! That was GREAT! Havent had one in a while. I dont like Malboro Reds that much, but it did the work, and so did that one newport. I HATE NEWPORTS. We even got a little ride from the crazy asian man. It was from one corner to the next. Good times. We then walked some more. For a while we were being follwed by some guy we met while saying Jimmy Carter died on the cross for us..and stuff. He follwed us for a WHILE...It was kind of scary. Especially since the guy was hispanic. Crazy ass. Also, we went into a video store. They had PORNO! Colin is 18, so he got a peak. hahaha. PERV! I had sooo much fun. The only thing i didnt like that much was the Jesus refrences. I guess thats why i didnt talk so much the entire time. Then at the end i was just tired of walking, so i didnt talk much either way. I often find myself annoying. The way i see it is that when people hang out with me its almost like if i wasnt there. Not that they are ignoring me. I HOPE NOT, but because i find myself being aboring person. I say that if people are around me they have fun, but also they would have the SAME amount of fun if i wasnt there. Like if i wasnt really there. I want to be able to make it different. Make it seem that im AM there. I dont know. Thats just they way i feel. I feel that if im not making people laugh constantly, i am a boring person. I also dont talk constantly because i am SHY. Either way i seem to be screwed. DAMN IT.
    Now i leave.hahaha
    Peace to my peoples......Tara,Rachel, and God knows who else.....:)hahaha

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you crazy mofo
2004-03-03 13:40 (link)
karen, i have much love for you home slice! and that is all i have to say.

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