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JUST-A-LIL-CLEMENS-CRAZI ; ) (ilvnicknhelvsme) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 13:25:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:channel one news...

    GRRR- why does it always have to rain when i have plans to do something fun?!?!?!
    well i am dissapointed because i supposed to go to Kristen's softball game tonight but guess what--yepp its raining! i went to her softball game on monday and my sisters yesterday and youll never guess who i happened to see at my sister's softball game......TJ! o god was all i could think...its a long story but here we go... well i came to Holy Ghost in the 2nd grade and i LOVED this kid the whole time and in the 6th grade i wrote him a love note with football and baseball cards too...yeah i kno pathetic but i dunno it just feels funny to know you are head onver heels in love with your boi but then you see your grade school crush wow i makes me wanna LMFFAO! honetsly

    well Nick can drive now- yay i am excited hehe- giggle giggle- he was gonna pick me up for her game but i dunno if kristen will even have one...

    nick's family birthday party is this weekend (sat) and what surprised was that it is with his mom's side of the familt and i never go to things with her side and SHE INVITED ME---i was so excited i coulda peed myself

    well last week i spent most of my time with nick...on friday we went to Kristens game and i broke poor little kaite's heart because she has the biggest crush on him and then she found out i was his g/f---hunn i am so sorry mwah i still <3 ya though!! :) then we went and got DQ and nick was a sweetie as always and paid then we went home and meghan and marly- kristens friends- came over and me and nick watched them because his brother and parents were at the 8th grade dinner- well just say the girls were having boy troubles and there were some jack asses who wouldnt leave them alone -o well. then nicks parents got home and we all hung out for awhile and talked about kristens game and how she was the only one to actually hit the ball - i was proud of her! then nick took me home

    then on saturday i was supposed to go to kristens game and watch her pitch- i was just gonna walk becuase i was like 2 min from my house but my lil sis abbers had a game and so i had to go to hers but i prromised to go to a game that kristen pitches at so i better get on the ball. then nick picked me up after he got off work and then we went to his house and washed his car- wooohoo SEXEA!!!! then we got ready and went to church--we saw laura s there--she sat behind us--- after that we decided to go puttputt golfing when it was lightning out (not my idea talk to nick n brian) i was being a dork and it took me like 20 times to get the ball in the hole--nick won---o well we had fun and we had even more- if you wanna call it- fun when nick drove me home in the storm and i hate storms but o well i guess but everything ended OK so its all good

    wow i wonder why people ::cough cough:: we all know who i am talking about::cough cough:: think it is o so cool to talk about people n you wanna know what? if you have a problem with me say it to my face

    well its really funny at lunch- we happen to have a traitor at our table her name is MRS. im gonna put my shit here at the table but i am going to ditch you guyz ok? and she really pisses me off

    i was kinda hurt on monday because we didnt have school and samm said shed hang out with me but she hung out with abs instead- i tried to call her and no one answered and she was at her dads on sat n sun--o well there is always another day...

    well i really need to get some h/w dome if there is gonna be a game tonight...

    ADIOS <3 YA!
    ***Mw: *aH***


    PS Mercy girls: only 10.5 days of school left!!! YAY!

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