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cLaiRe (iluvnfg66) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 22:10:00
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    sick as shit!!! ahhh!!!
    hey...not feelin to good....acually not feelin good at all! omg im so sick....fever...cough..sore throat (u get the point) yeah....well i hate being sik! im not goin to skool 2morrow cuz i feel like shit! but i'd rather be in gay ass school then sik! ahhh! well 2day was pretty borin all i did was watched tv and laid in bed all day! but at 6:00 i went to my soccer game...u no wat i did?! watched! my parents whouldnt let me play cuz i would feel even worse...but really i dont think i could feel any worse than this!!! im surprised im still awake! im so0 tired! but i tried to go to sleep at like 8:30 but my bak hurst and its all hott!!!! tear....tear...omg well im out!! goin to bed!! ahh!! o yeah my team won the game 1-0 but i dont care cuz i wasnt out there playing!!!! ahhhh!!! g-r-r-r-r-r.....ok well bye!! im out lylz and i no...u all hope i feel better....well i hope u'z hope i feel beter!!! if u dont than shame on u!!!! r-r-r-r-r bye!

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