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Geanna (ilovethems) wrote,
@ 2005-02-26 19:04:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:mr.brightside by The Killers

    ok so today i went shopping nd out to dinner w/ my was really fun! lol um....well first we went to apple bees nd we ate nd we talked about movies nd we both LOVE the same movies.. then we went to target nd got some stuff for school...then we went to old navy nd i got jeans nd this relly cute bathing suit nd like the top is like a tub but like its also a halter nd i love it lol....nd i got 4 tanks..then i went to go try on some jeans nd who did i see?....Mr. Morris! lol nd t was funny.....nd then we went to borders to try and find this book that i wanted nd it was for like spa nd body treatments nd facials nd yea its really cool...nd she bought that for me nd my jeans lol um...yea it was really fun lol....well chirs is weird cassie called me this morning nd she said that she might be comming home today nd she asked how much snow we got lol...well this snowday wasnt that great w/out er even though i was w/ rach it wasnt the same without cassie lol...well im going to go ciao!

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