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Courtney (iloveradder) wrote,
@ 2003-09-25 21:31:00
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    Current mood: shocked
    Current music:DC

    "and sometimes i call her miss poopy... because she has a problem." whats wrong with my teachers?
    i just had a near death experience. let me recap for u:
    i casually walked into the bathroom continplating on weither i should shower now and sleep with wet hair again or shower in the morning and have to get up earlier. i decided earlier= bad. so i turned to around to.. i dont know look at the shower or something and i turned to pull back the curtian, only to find a HUGE spider (no really it must have been ATLEAST the size of my arm... ok.. maybe my hand.) flying at me in all directions, legs sprawling at me to wrap around my face and suck the life outa me, so let me tell u, i bolted outa their like cat on fire screaming and jumping around like nobodys bussiness. kyle came upstairs to ask me to shut up. i took my chance and shoved that little child in their with a shoe to squash that little bugger and i went and hid behind my bedroom door incase that spider was comin back for more. Kyle jumped up on the toliet and attacked the spider (with the shoe) in a flying leap. appartently he killed it and it unlikely story.... i didnt trust it one bit. so i had to transfer my about-to-shower into my moms bathroom where its all retarded, a price i have to pay to stay alive, but no worries i came out of that battle with no injuries.
    anyway... yesterday we had to march..while the football team played "the lancers" which brings me to my next topic of discussion: A lancer is a person who rides on the horse with the huge pole and they charge each other in an attempt to hurt each other as much as possible and win over their opponets castle! Correct? i know. yesterday no one believed me when i intelligently tried to explain what that crazy team was named after, as we passed them while walking to get on the field. THOSE SILLY FLUTES. ok well. im in a retarded mood. so...i dont know what im going to do.
    P.s my "subject" is mr.worthington or w/e his name is talking to me and tracy (in estaban.. espanol.) about his cat's nickname.. after that comment he went on to a 20 minute discussion with the people behind us on what might be the cause of this cats crazy pooping disease. yes as u can imagine i was in tears. that is all.

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2003-09-25 21:42 (link)
actually it was a sport not 4 winning over castles. But soemtimes theyy did have meaning. And actually you'renot aloud 2 it them in the head and the point it 2 knock em off their house
im smart

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hannah once again
2003-09-25 21:43 (link)
oops i meant house. hhaha o yes. they like 2 chase eachother over the houses, frolicing along the rooftops

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2003-09-25 21:45 (link)

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2003-09-25 21:49 (link)
No actually ur wrong. im right. that was the purpose. of course. castles are everything.

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2003-09-28 22:10 (link)
im sorry miss know it all for being for inferier to you

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2003-10-01 19:02 (link)

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