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Not Simone (iloveorangeshoe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-23 22:53:00
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    Current mood:tiredd..but in love<33
    Current music:starting line

    wh!te cHhicKs$s
    heyy..jsyt got home a lil while ago from white chickss..funny moviee..went w/ kelly, stina, shell, nikka, dani nd was funn =)~ movie was kinda good..but it was funny..excpet i got confused at the most stupidest just me..o well. and then we were throwing pennies and shit at like cc and al..and then we threw my empty victorias secret mint box at was so funny! and then kellys arm chair broke she gave it to milton..and he like chucked it..but then he got it back and was like playing judge with it, and then playing the drums..and then kellys threw some more shit..haaahh..funnyy..and then milton threw a lotta coins..he has good aim! he should be a quarterback! he has much better aim then was funnnnnnn..but then nikka and kelly were having a BF in the car home [[bitch fight]] i was sensing tenion heree..hahah funnnnny..and now im home..i was just on the phone w/ megan mast and bri lee..l0ve you girlies sooo fucking muchh!! megg//4 dayss!!! brii--u BETTER coke back..or me nd meg w/ kick ur ass! and thats a promise!! so i was talking 2 them..and we was talking about a variety of all sorts of shit..yeah..well now im talking 2 stina and MILTONN..i love this kidddddddddd!!!!! milton+me=love<33 hah..yeah..we r talking about some shitt..okk..well i hope i get to see him and john b4 i go 2 camp on sundayy!! okk..well we might go 2 the beach 2morro..and kellys party is friday..woooo hooo!! but i wanna go 2 the mall 2morro tho bc i just got $160 from my neighbors..oh how much i love them! ok..well getting kinda tired..but still talking 2 milty aand stina..later hatersss*peacee..much love//>simoneyyy bologneeyy

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2004-06-24 00:35 (link)
YO!!! wuz up simon damn this year went sooooo fast!! i remember the first day of skool lello tripped me (lol) it was kool but now summer is here and 4 ppl r going to italy Gianluca, Fabio, Dri and me!! we had fun this year u guys were there wit Amy i no bad decison to go out with her but thats me i just do stupid shit i wanna sleep cuz its 12:27 i went to the beach today wit luca and piero and we played soccer and my foot is like all scratched and shit it was fun PAINFUl but fun. the funniest part was when i told pieros sister there was a shark and she was like OMG OMG OMG and she started getting out than we went home and i took a shower and i went to applebees to celebrated my moms b-day and than we came home again and watched the simpsons and i went online than u were talking to me and u said sign so i did..yea.. well have a good summer and a good camp thing (lol) i hope we got classes together (we probably wont cuz ur smarter than me) well im listening to relaxing music (BULLSHIT) im listening to hard rock Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater ITS FUKKING AWESOME!! great stuff soo hard to play im learning it and its hard but i'll get it. Well we finally graduated and im happy cuz no we got 3 years left of skool than college than marriage u work for about 50 years retire and sit on the couch like a fat shit and say look dear the new flavored condom came out it goes from watermelon to grape. aight take care peace


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2004-06-24 00:43 (link)
haha guiseppe! i love you! u funny shit! hope you have an amazing summer kidd..have fun in italy..ill have fun at camp and remember, and thanx for ur entire day's im sooo tired as well..see u soon kidd..*love you//> xoxosimonee

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2004-06-24 11:13 (link)
heyy its briana as u already kno cuz ur forcing me to write this......2 dayss til camp i hope i can go if i cnt im gunna like kill myself i miss everythin soo much ill b soo mad if i dun go me megan n amber r gunna have a sick rm u better come visit all the time if i go..but i doubt i will b goin cuz my fuckin skool is a asshole i dunno y i cnt jus got to public skool i woodnt have all these fuckin probs....well ur lucky i worte this much cuz i hate writtin soo im out love u n b4 u go to camp fuck all those i guys i tol u 2 lol the 1s from the pics n u can fuck my bf lol cuz after all u did make it clear u tought he was hott wen he was standin there lolol haha that was soo funny love u<33 bye

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2004-06-24 13:39 (link)
haha brii...i l0ve you so fucking muchh..and i will seriously kill you if you dont come see you in 2 days bitch! ghahaa.. of course ill fuck all those guys..and ur boyfriend of course..haha well now he knows i wanan fuck him...tee hee =)~ yeah..ill hu w/ some guys just for u bri.. okk..well i hate writing too..l0ve you so much babe..xoxoxo ill say some shit 2 jackie nd say its from xoxox mwahh babe

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