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Not Simone (iloveorangeshoe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-16 18:50:00
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    Current mood:sad about congi class..tiredd*
    Current music:way away-yellowcard

    ::tear, tear:: no more conginator classs=( noooo
    hey..2day has been my yearbook today =) still ppl need 2 sign it..but im pissed at krebs bc he drew fucking nazi symbols all over lama made them in to windows..thanx lama =) and some 1 stole my i have 2 find a new 1 for tomorrow..shitt...math final is tomorrowww! havent studied at omggggggggg>//TOMORROW IS OUR LAST CONGINATOR CLASSS!!!!!!!! we are having a party =)..but im still gunna miss him soo muchh..but if ur in math worksop[the most amazing class he has] then bring food nd drinks..even tho we're getting pizza =)~ that guy is the COOLEST..emmy and shell..last class TOMORROWW..yeah, well ima go do some shit and then maybe study for math a bit and then take a walk around my in 10 days last weekend homee=([ so sad...but i cant wait to be in nashopaa..been wishing for 10 monthss..this summers gunna be off the you gilrss*much lovee//>s!monEe

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2004-06-16 20:00 (link)
We have our math final tomorrow, too.

I want my Harry Potter book back.

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2004-06-16 20:33 (link)
yes ami, i do have it! sorry! i finished it in a week! u gotta come by my house or something and get it. i dont think i can come over soon bc camp is soon and i gotta pack..but come by whenever you want even if im at camp and you can take was amazing..even the 2nd time i read it! hah..gunna miss you over the summer..write me at camp*simone

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2004-06-16 20:28 (link)
wats up?
its steve wats up??? watchin tv and then u told me to write so im writin. imma make it look like i wrote a lot. WATCH! Ghisf aaafknajnd jjjhd fjjdhjfkg kjjhhfjanfjng jfnuiajnabha ibafui gbkjnf piuabn finb ai fv u abfjg hab fpiu bapuif pij baiufg pij aifg pi ifg pia fg ia bjfb ipja fgib alhf bpg apifgb i rgpui uir gpiarpugapirb goi baui giu r aou gpia rg piar g a frga rg a rg a reg a r g a rg a er g a rg a ergae g awr g aetg aer g ae g awr g adf gb a g s fgtb adf gb afd bva dfb af b ads fb a db gf adf b a fdb a df b ad fb a dfb adf b adfb. wat do u think about that? im good eh?
im out PEACE!!!!!!

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haha stevie
2004-06-16 22:19 (link)
haha stevie..thanks so much for does look like a lot! thanks man! write me at camp this summer::
simone jacobson
camp na-sho-pa
bloomingburg, ny 12721

write me bizatchesss out..much l0ve//>s!monEe

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2004-06-16 22:26 (link)
hey dude! camp! woo! 10! excited? i am. wow it should rock the socks off of us. better be in my bunk, riiiiiight on kiddo!
<33 em

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