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Mr. Bungle (ilovemrbungle) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 06:54:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:your momma and my momma

    man i havent been able to get on here in years but yes finnally i am able to update and im quite happpy i think ill start with halloween it was so much fun it was me jon jade and tom and we had a blast after that not much happened if i were to update on those days it would probably have been just what has happened at school and such, yeah but a new big thing thats going on these days is a fight thats between me emily and jade. it all started on pauls 14th suprise birthday party, hours before the party me and jade had called everyone to make sure they could go they all said that they could and that theyd be there soon so yeah so nice me bought paul like all this shit and a card and such and spent like 20 dollars or something to that effect. yeah so me and jade sat there for a half hour waiting for people to come (hannah anthony emily and lindsey). the only person that showed ontime was kyle lester. jade kyle and myself desisde to look out at the end of the block to see if anyone was going to come and yeah here comes paul and his dad down the blok so rightt there the suprise was ruined but paul didnt seem to care we were having a quaint little hoe down. yeah so im not sure whos idea it was to go find the others on a count of no one relly knew where they were or cared for that matter and all so we just went walking to see where they all were. we went to hannahs house lindseys house and then we were almost at emilys house but elane and amanda pullled up and said the were at hannahs so we had to walk back t hannahs house. we got to hannahs house and i had to go up to the door because no one else wanted to so i did and the first thing i get were two nasty faces, one from emily and one from hannah, not suprising, yeah so then they all camer out telling us how bad the felt and how they ruined the party and yeah i did say tha they did loll to make them feel like shit because they did they didnt go because they went to the store for an hour to get him a present and come back with a 50c postcard what assholes. yeah so from there we slowly walked back to pauls house. we then went down this block which is diagonal from pauls block, and then she started. hannah had to be a little bitch and jade and emily were fighting as well, i sat on anthonys handel bars and the jelous bitch said i was like sitting on his lap or some shit and started crying and it took us literaly an hour to get off that little block because emily and hannah had to be assholes. yeah so then i also had to say my sorry to hannah and i didnt want to but i didnt i was like yeah uh sorry? and shes like no your not an im like you know what your right you fucking asshole your a dumb bitch fuck you and anthony fuck you too. yeah and all of this fighting made paul say me and jade ruined the party yet if we ruined the party he would have been sitting home alone. yeah so after all this we did finnaly manag to get off the block and got to pauls house and yeh afte that we were all having a pretty good time, except for emily and jade yes like always they were fighting and talking about eachother but yeah i think emily was the one who was dragging the whole thing out and yeah i forgot to tell you lindsey didnt even make it to pauls house her mom came. yeah so then it was me jade kyle paul hannah emily and yeahhh emil and hannah one by one left and by the end it was me anthony kyle and paul. yeah so jade was upset about the whole her and emily fighting and and hour before she had even thought about it emily called and was saying shit so jade got pissed yeah so jade sat down and wrote this note to emily it wasnt really mean at all i think it plainly told the truth and it told her the way jade was feeling.before jade had left she felt differently and through the note out, a week later durty paul who doesnt clean his room went through his garbadge and came accross the note, he then ****a week later***** gave the note to emily. so now we are up to emily reads the note that doesnt mean much to jade anymore and gets pissed off. emily tells jade she saw the note, jade doubts her and pauls frendship, emily writers back the most rediculus note ive ever seen calling me an jade "lesbos" and "bitches", man she had no right to even bring me into the fight but yes now im in the middle and on jades side because emily isnt worth a friend ship she just snt worth it. so yeah shes been saying alot of shit about me and saying she wants to bet me up and shes going to have her cousin come from brooklyn and beat me up, hey ill take both of them i dont give a shit if i get beaten or if they get beaten i think it would be pretty fun and funny. and yeash im not sure whre her cousin came in but i know emily knowes ide kick her ass thats hy she need othr people but yeah emily i have a surprise for your if you deside to touch me. yeah so weve been fighting and online i think yesterday or the day before that i had threatened that me and jade were going to go over there for the rest of jades clothes and then shes was like im going to kick your ass so i was like yeah if you want to try when we come over well fight and shes like "bring it"(she also told alot of people she was going to "bring it" and that she was going to fight me in history an fight me after school, she threatened me getting on to and like running on her bus little bitch and alot of other times asnd shes going to be pretty suprised if she says anothe thing) what an iditot but yeah thats what she said. yeah and she told her mommy and her sister and her cousin because shes afraid of me i know it shes a little hypocrtiical bitch who thinks she can kick my ass bt i know when it comes down to it if anyones fighting its me and her cosin mita and i will fucking kill that girl cuz she cursed out me and my mom and thats plain discrespect so now im going to have to disrispect your dicusting face bitchhhhh. yeah so thats pretty much it and thats the whole story soo if your told anything different its a lie.

    xoxo Christine

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