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Murdock (ilovehomestar) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 18:40:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:blue oyster cult-godzilla

    god i love surveys!

    Full Name: Karen Marie Mary Magdelene Sanchez
    Birthday: 10/7
    Age: catorce
    School: north schuylkill
    City: circle city *aka ringtown*
    State: Pennsylvania
    Height: 5'9 the last time i checked...i could be wrong
    Shoe Size: 9 1/2...yes i know im a cow dont hold it against me
    Hair Color: brown
    Eye Color: light blue

    Your Family
    Who do you live with? mom, daddy-o, and the brothers *2*
    Siblings' Names and Ages: Steve-17 and John-13
    Cars your family owns: the acura rsx *awesome car! red interior lights and a moonroof. did i also mention the 6 disk cd player?* the dodge intrepid, dodge neon, '85 nissan sentra, and a chevy baretta. soon to be a sonata also

    Your Friends
    Best: Kaylene, Jenn, Jes, D
    Sweetest: ohhh id say jes
    Loudest: KAYLENE
    Wildest: that would be jes
    Quietest: none
    Most Serious: none
    Best Hair: mandy mcgee
    Best Smile: davina!
    Best Teeth: i dont look @ ppls teeth
    Best performer: well...i have no answer to this. davina is a great singer tho :)
    Richest: richest? jenn
    Best at giving advice: jenn
    Most likely to end up on The Real World: haha that'd be jes dalton
    Most "motherly": uh...sisterly but not motherly

    Best: i dont have BEST guy friends but ill name my friends-kiel, greg, greg w, bernie, chuck, brad, jeff, kyle, etc.
    Sweetest: haha kiel
    Loudest: uh..none. theyre pretty quiet unless kiel starts dancing...
    Wildest: haha that'd be pete...but i didnt mention him
    Quietest: bernie
    Most Serious: id say greg c...when he wants to be
    Best Hair: chris olson!! :)
    Best Smile: chris olson
    Best Teeth: uh..kiel
    Best performer: ahh...i have no answer for this
    Richest: i dont think any of them are that wealthy. i mean, theyre not on welfare lol
    Best at giving advice: i dont get advice from guys lol
    Most likely to end up on The Real World: pete the fatman
    Most "fatherly": well, they all look after me...

    Random Questions:
    Do you own a cell phone? nope
    How long have you lived in your house? ten years
    Do you consider your family wealthy? we're middle class. my dad's a statie but we have alot of bills
    Where do you want to go to college? far away
    What do you want to major in? ahhh music composition/arrangement
    Do you think that you know your future husband? i have a bf...but husband? id have to think for a second about that. *thinkin* i dont know lol.
    What have you been doing all summer? 4th of july party, cruise *;)*, nothing
    Has your summer been fun? heck ya
    How many kids do you want to have? 1
    Where do you want to live? in a van down by the river LOL! naw, id like to live in a nice house away from the cities so i could look @ the sky...and with someone that loves me

    Personal Questions:
    Are you a virgin? yup
    Are you going to wait until you're married to have sex? yes, i respect myself and im catholic anyways
    Have you ever done any kind of drug? not any bad ones lol
    Ever been drunk? no...but turning around in circles on purpose just to look it is quite fun :)
    Ever been in jail? no haha my dad'd kill me
    How far have you been with a guy?: far? it depends on what you classify as 'far'. probably just some good making out ;)
    Do you want to go further? maybe just a little bit...
    Do you have a boyfriend: yes...and i love him tons
    If so, describe him: tall dark and handsome. black hair, big eyes, good kisser. id put a pic in but all you ladies would get jealous and steal him offa me :D

    Right Now
    Wearing: jeans and a beater, my chain ring and an aero shell necklace
    Hair: pony
    Make-up: just some powder and mascarra
    Eating: hamburger helper!
    Drinking: cherry 7up
    Listening to: ah...oldies
    Talking to: joe, mandi, davina, and matt

    The Near Future:
    What are you doing tonight? homework :x and hopefully calling joe
    What are you going to wear tonight? pjs
    What are you doing tomorrow? school, football game, and KAYLENE ROBERTS'S HOUSE!! :D
    What will you wear tomorrow? jeans, one of my crazy shirts, sox, undies, shoes, etc

    ahh im bored again lol. homework time. i love you joe :-*


    Karen's final mental note: thank you so much Davina Faust for teaching me some html!

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2003-08-28 19:23 (link)
Don't thank me, thank this website: ( ). Cya around Karen :)


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yes karen....
2003-08-31 09:18 (link)
Spinning around in circles is lots of fun! LOL! What else did you do last night after the parade?


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