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-caRly- (ilovegc2) wrote,
@ 2003-10-26 00:51:00
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    good charlotte concert
    friday was so awsome! i went to the gc concert around 7 and got home around 11 30 12ish. i was on the floor! and i almost cought tony's water bottle, but the people in fromnt of me were taller:(. the opening acts were mest and goldfinger. it was so awsome! i was so close to them!!! then when gc came on it was so awsome! whewn joel through his water bottle out it went behind me but his water spilled on me!!!! i wish it was friday again. o yea and then somw girl kept pushing everyone and everytone was getting pissed and then i pushed her cuz she was a bitch and then she looked back like she wanted to fight then she left. and then gc said make a big mosh pit on the floor so they did and i got sucked in and it was funny, and then that bitchy girl came back and she pushed me again and then i punched her and the girl next to me said good job she deserved that and i was like thanks!and then i was talking to this awsome guy with a mohawk and he was so cool! o yea and tony took his shirt off and all of the girls were like O YEA!! and stuff and then he told everyone to stand up who where in the seats and aLmost everyone stood up and then a mom didnt stand up and he said stand up!! and she still didnt and then he said to the crowd to say STAND UP YOU PUSSY!! and then everyone said that she finally stood up ND then he said no im joking ur not a pussy or somthin and then he said i love it when im up here because i have total control of us. and then benji said they were gonna get a little emo and dashboard confessionally with the acoustic guitar when they were singing emotionless and then......hold on i need to catch my breath...ok....................benji said HEY EVERYONE TODAY IS MR TOMAS'S BIRTHDAY HE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST DADS IN THE WORLD!! I WANT EVERYONE TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR TOMAS!! so then everyone said it AND THEN benji is so hot! AND TRHEN WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT YOU COULD SEE A LITTLE OF JOELS'S HAIR BECAUSE ITS A RED MOHAWK AND STUFF IT WAS FUNNY. O YEA AND I GOT 2 SHRITS!! I WILL BE WEARING ONE ONE MONDAY!! the concert was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yea, cant wait till they come back! : )

    i no im obsessed!: )

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2003-11-20 15:52 (link)
ahh! you went to the philly show? so did i! haha you don`t know me, i was just looking around at journals and came across yours. i was on the lower level cause my mom and dad came and they didnt wanna be on the floor :-[ oh well it was still the best night of my life :-D


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