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trying to convince myself if anything is real (ilori) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 01:09:00
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    Current mood:weird
    Current music:clay aiken, invisible

    what would it take to make you see that i'm alive . .
    okay. my horoscope for the past few days? BEYOND ANNOYING. which begs the question, why do i read this shit? the reason it's so annoying is because it's accurate beyond words.

    anyway. sunday was pretty great. i woke kiora up & " made " him drive me to mcdonald's at a little after nine in the morning. :] hee. i'm kidding, obviously. i can't make anybody do anything. but still, it was really nice of him. it was nice to just hang out for a little bit in general . . this entire month has felt off to me, since my mom left. sunday it felt like everything was shifting back on-kilter -- i'm relieved.

    let me just tell the people who actually read my journal how CUTE gracie, stephen & dawson are. ohmygod. :] lmao . . they were talking to my friends britt & kelly on the phone, each taking turns. and then when i hung up the phone they were all in the corner of the room, whispering to each other. so i go " you guys -- what're you doing? " and they all turn around and attack me. L m a o. they tackled me to the couch and started kissing me, all three at once. it was hilarious, i couldn't stop laughing. then gracie kissed stephen and he went in the kitchen and told mom, but he said it wasn't as good as when britney spears kissed him in a dream the night before. ( HE IS FOUR YEARS OLD. how cute is that?! ROFL. ) after stephen & dawson left, i read gracie a story :] okay. to know her, is to love her. to know any of them, the same rule applies. they are precious beyond words.

    yeah . . i don't really feel like typing anymore. so i'll post these two surveys ( one is just a question ) and go back to studying history.

    something i stole from a ton of people: think of one word that describes me & write it in a comment to this journal.

    EDIT: @ 3:28 AM . . i finished my book other fish in the sea finally, by lisa kussel. i hadn't touched it in two weeks due to midterms, the flu and eve's curse making me the bitch of the millenia and otherwise keeping me inclined to my bed or the chair infront of my tv. i only had fifteeen pages or so left of the last story, anyhow. then i read 70 pages of nicholas sparks new novel the wedding between 1 - 3 am on monday morning ; i just finished it. i couldn't put this thing down, and then . . i got misty towards the end. when i closed the book, i needed a freakin' tissue. i cried. okay, i'm not overly sentimental -- i can be sensitive sometimes, sure. but lately? i cry at movies. i gush over babies. even this beautiful book makes me sentimental. i don't know what's happening to me . . and i don't even know whether i LIKE IT or not. it's not bad or good it's just . . different, weird even.

    Song that makes you happy: Dashboard Confessional - "Hands Down."
    Song that makes you want to cry: Faith Hill - "Cry."
    Song that makes you feel dreamy: Dave Matthews Band - "Crush." I'd say "Dreaming Tree" . . but that brings back memories of Mike that clutch at me so painfully they almost hurt.
    Song that makes you sleepy: Savage Garden - "Universe."
    Song that makes you want to dance: Jamiroquai - "Canned Heat."
    Song that makes you want to close your ears: Mya - "My Love Is Like Whoa."
    Song that makes you think of that special someone: Laura Doyle - "Your Love."
    Song that makes you feel relaxed: Peter Gabriel - "In Your Eyes."
    Song that makes you feel inspired: Gavin Degraw - "I Don't Want To Be".
    Song that makes you want to sing along: The Donnas "Get Rid Of That Girl."


    fav. feel good song: John Mayer - "Bigger Than My Body."
    fav. upbeat song: Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle."
    fav. cruising song: Yellowcard - "Sureshot."
    fav. love song: right now it's Mandy Moore's rendition of "Have A Little Faith In Me" . . she gave a classic song a modern beauty all her own & it's not as " pop " as I thought it would be.
    fav. guilty pleasure song: I don't know why this is a " guilty pleasure " but the first thing I thought of was Foo Fighters "All My Life".
    fav. tribute song: Celeste Prince - "Where You Are" <3 for my Dad.
    fav. song to fall asleep to: Sarah McLachlan - "Elsewhere."
    fav. song from a musical: "On My Own", Les Miserables.
    fav. song from a movie: "I Can't Believe My Eyes", Mannequin 2: On The Move.
    fav. disney song: "A Dream Is A Wish You're Heart Makes", Cinderella.
    fav. song to dance to: Someday I'll dance to Alison Kraus - "When You Say Nothing At All". and it'll be my favorite. Since I don't dance much, I don't have a favorite right now.
    fav. song lyric-wise: Matchbook Romance - ( i can't pick. ) "Tiger Lilly" or "If All Else Fails."


    Punk'd vs. Jackass: Punk'd.
    Newlyweds vs. Room radiers: Newlyweds.
    Cribs vs. TRL: Cribs.
    Camp Jim vs. Made: Camp Jim is hilarious.
    The O.C vs. 7th Heaven: I have yet to see the O.C.
    Scary Movie vs. Scary Movie 2: I don't care.
    The Ring vs. Darkness Falls: The Ring. Ohmygod. The end? I was trying to become one with my wall :x
    The Spy who shagged me vs. Inter'nl man of mystery: Their both pretty stupid.
    Final Destion vs. Final Destion 2: Final Destination 2.
    American pie vs. American pie 2: American Pie 2. Rofl -- Stifler getting peed on. Hahaha.
    Daddy day care vs. bruce almighty: Daddy day care just because it says " Can't men do anything women can do? " - Pause - " NO. " LMAO.
    Wrong turn vs. 28 days later: I didn't see either one.
    The hot chick vs. Goldmember: Their both stupid.
    Legally blonde vs. Legally blond 2: Legally Blonde.
    Meet the parents vs. Son in law: Meet The Parents.


    Taking Back Sunday Vs. Brand New: Taking Back Sunday.
    Taking Back Sunday Vs. Straylight Run: See above..
    The Early November Vs. New Found Glory: New Found Glory.
    Nelly Vs. P. Diddy: They're both bad.
    Kelly Clarkson Vs. Jennifer Lopez: Kelly Clarkson.
    Good Charlotte Vs. Simple Plan: Simple Plan, but Good Charlotte is by no means bad.
    The Strokes Vs. The White Stripes: I haven't heard enough of either of these to decide. Atleast now I know what my next downloading sprees should be. .


    Coke or Pepsi?: Coke.
    Love or Lust?: Love .
    tv or movies?: My tv shows on tape.
    cats or dogs?: Cats.
    meal or dessert?: Dessert.
    east coast or west coast?: Doesn't matter.
    tall or short?: Tall.
    football or baseball?: Baseball -- but not a Yankees game.
    soccer or basketball?: Soccer.
    outside or indoors?: Indoors.
    blonde or brunette?: Brunette.
    apples or oranges?: Apples.
    aol or yahoo?: AOL.
    stars or moons?: Stars.

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2003-10-29 12:36 (link)
yeah, Punk'd is definitely better.

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