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* A L L I S O N * (illusions602) wrote,
@ 2003-02-24 22:34:00
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    Current mood:busy
    Current music:Delsena / Oris Jay - Trippin

    I N T R O
    Hey what's up everyone? It seems like so many people have online journals like I thought I'd join the party. Everything was good until I found out I needed a code, I can't find anyone that can give me it and I'm not about to pay for it, so here I am, at this journal. Blurty?? What kinda name is that? No idea, me and Roseanne think it sounds gay...but I get free service, so it works for me! Ive seen my friend's journals (ex-Roseanne) and they look really cool...well she's computer savvy and I'm like...the complete opposite, so I'll never get mine to look like, I don't know html...and I'm not about to go learn it...o well, my loss. I think these journals are pretty just sign on and say whatever you want...let the public see your problems!! Haha...whatever...okay, so I guess I will call what I just wrote my intro to my new journal type thing...

    PS- if anyone has a code for Dead Journal...can I have it?? PLEASE! I wanna switch!!

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