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jenni (ilbu4e) wrote,
@ 2003-03-19 22:47:00
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    a new day
    Well, here we are, it's march 19th, 2003. We've started our attack on the Iraqi government. I'm scared as hell. Who's to say that we won't have another September 11th. The thing that scares me the most is that I live on an old airforce base. In which, the Iraqi government may think we still have active military here. I WORK NEXT TO THE AIRPORT! We're still at a High alert, and according to the news this afternoon we will not go into Severe alert until we know of some terrorist plan to attack. How will we know until it actually happens? I'm thinking that I wish i could just curl up in a nice quiet place and forget about all of this. I have at least 3 relatives that are going to go through this war first hand. Two of which are younger than myself! What has this world come to, it's a sad day when we actually have to defend ourselves from an insane government, in order to protect the people of THEIR COUNTRY from them. I'm hoping that this will all be over soon. I hope that my brother doesn't get called to duty. I need to go see my mom. I miss her terribly, and I haven't seen my dad since January. I'm probably gonna try to see him too! Well, now that I have that off my mind, ttfn

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