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jenni (ilbu4e) wrote,
@ 2003-02-24 23:04:00
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    long exhausting weekend
    Well, Friday was alright, spent most of it sleeping................. brandon and i went into town and ate at chevy's........ then we went and picked up One Hour Photo the movie, and let me tell u that is one seriously Fucked up movie.......... good, but fucked up. We watched Death to Smoochy too, it was alright. Saturday I had to work, was an alright day. then when i got home all hell broke loose, here i am at work all day and i come home and brandon's done nothing but play video games all day. Needless to say we argued pretty much all night, I even went and took a nap at one point just to get the hell away from the situation. Then Sunday, we started arguing again... by 3 we had both had enough. We sat here and talked for 2 hours. I explained why I didn't feel it was right for him to sit there and play games all day every day, and he understood. *thank god*
    Then...we watched the grammys. that was pretty boring, but hey i like that song that got song of the year. Today was alright as far as days go at work. The first call i took was some foreign woman who had bought her service thru sbc... first mistake..... then she didn't pay her first bill, 2nd mistake... then she wonders why she gets the next bill and her cingular service is 226.00.... hello it's for 2 months service biotch... anyway after an hour of this woman, the next two calls were monitored... i got an 95 on both out of 100 because i didn't offer some shit on either call. Anyway, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly, i asked for wednesday off, i just don't feel like finishing a whole week out. Only one more saturday left, this one, and then starting next week i work 12-9 m-f; YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE SATURDAYS! the weekend is all mine!............ that's pretty god damn exciting if i do say so myself. Mom has a drs appt on thursday, she's supposed to find out something about what the found in her blood, she's scared out of her mind. I dont blame her but i have to be strong, and not let her know that i too am scared. I'm hoping that the dr will have a definate answer as to what's been wrong with her all these years ,and not write her off to some other dr. well i'll try to update this again when something interesting happens. until then... take care of yourselves, and eachother ........... thanks to Jerry Springer for that line lol

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