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Robert (iflungpoo) wrote,
@ 2003-03-09 13:14:00
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    Yesterday I went to an indoor drumline competetion..... It was incredibly boring, but it was better that what I would have been doing. At the competetion, our school got second to last.... but that wasnt the most emarrasing part. In the middle of our show, the fourth bass drum player tripped and his drum landed on his face....knocking him unconscious immediately. It was pretty funny to watch...That kid is so full of crap though. He is already telling people he broke both of his legs and his nose.
    That kid is so full of crap.... I bet when we go to school tomorrow, he is going to be like,"Man, I went to this drumline competetion and all of the sudden ninjas popped out of now where, and one hit me in the face and tripped me, and sliced my legs off, but they grew back." Or at least that is what I would say, if I were as stupid as him.
    I am kind of rethinking that whole "not talking thing". I figure I would get in trouble for not answering the teacher when she asks me a question. I think I am going to give up something that I really don't have any reason to worry about, just to clear my no more skipping, or no more acid, or no more pot....wait....that would apply...hmm maybe I am onto something....oh well, maybe i will

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2003-04-17 16:29 (link)
Are you gonna update your blurty? EVER?

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