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Cadenza (idealeyes) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 21:05:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:"Watch Me Go" by Go Fish

    punjabi music and other stuff
    This weekend has been super! Tiring, but super! I went to Ritika's graduation party last night @ Madras Pavilion. Melanie and I were very, very nervous at first because we had agreed to give a little "speech" in Ritika's honor. Needless to say, neither of us relish public speaking! Nevertheless, it was just fine in the end and Shelley even rose to the occasion to help us! I think Ritika enjoyed it, too.

    I have discovered a new passion of sorts. (That sounds really weird...oh well.) See, at Indian parties, everyone dances-- the young, the old, and the in-between. And the music they had is called Punjabi music, and I loved it! It was crazy-- I had no idea how to dance to it, but it seemed like anything would work. There is nothing quite like totally unihibited, let-yourself-go-crazy dancing!

    Why oh why could we not have had more Punjabi music at, say, the prom???

    But then, Punjabi music is all very fast... and I like slow dances once and awhile as well!

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2003-06-09 18:20 (link)
actully i hate to burst ur bubbble but the REAL name for the music is called Bhangra music. it is oringinal played around or, come from, if thats proper to say, from the punjabi people. which is ME!! hehe. but ya anywayz.....i am soo glad u had fun and that u even came to my temple. but you were right about one thing......this weekend was a blast!
-u know who i am

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2003-06-12 00:07 (link)
I had a blast at Ritika's grad party too. Angela's dance was awesome. We're going to have to make Ritika burn us a CD of her music of the Punjabi people ( i don't remember how to spell the Ba... name)!

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