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Kyser (icy_soup) wrote,
@ 2006-08-20 20:57:00
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    It's tricky
    One thing that's always awkward... when you go to Wal*Mart / Kroger / some large store and see someone you know right as you walk in. Sure, it's nice to catch up and say a quick "hi!" ... but you don't realize what's about to go down. 5 minutes and two aisles later, whoops! you bump into them again.. you laugh and say hello... and then run into them on aisle 6. There's always a "you must be following me, hahaha" joke that's in there somewhere, but by the time you hit the dairy section at the end, it's just plain awkward.

    So what do you do? How do you address them for the 5 times you see them in the aisles? There's only so much you can say, especially when they're just casual acquaintances.. like the subject line: it's tricky.

    Maybe a pre-set list of lines to deliver if you happen to run into this situation...

    1st run-in: casual hellos and conversation
    2 - Well hello again!
    3- We must have the same list, haha
    4- I should have stayed home and just had you buy two of everything!
    ******* after the 4th instance, we'll transition into the non-speech communications********
    5- smile and raised eyebrows
    6- a bit of a laugh and quick push past
    7- no-teeth smile

    i sure hope it never hits past 8 ... hmm i should write these down on my shopping lists for next time...

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2006-08-20 22:29 (link)
start at the back.

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2006-08-20 22:47 (link)
believe it or not, i've tried it ... but you just end up running into someone going in the same direction anyway... it's a catch-22


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2006-08-20 22:41 (link)
nicely done.

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2006-08-22 09:53 (link)
i find that if you already have a reputation as shy/quiet/reserved/introverted, people don't expect you to say anything past hello and you can get past those situations pretty easy-like.

and i always start in the back with milk and come forward to the produce.

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