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Shawn Ashton (iceman_cometh) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 14:29:00
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    Current mood: blah

    I don't know very much about keeping an online journal but I imagine it will be a learning curve, a place I can write anything that is currently troubling me or anything that is annoying me which at the moment is quite a bit. I wonder about the state of apathy that hangs over the heads of most inhabitants of the world, I wonder about life in general, if there is any future for the human race and I wonder about the sort of people that spend hours upon hours writing and drawing pictures and sending them to various famous people. Do they have such empty pitiful lives that there is no other outlet for their creative talents, for I'm not denying many of these people are trully great artists.

    It just troubles me a little that anyone no matter how gifted they are feel the need to draw almost photo like, quality pictures of myself in less than ... normal positions with other cast members of the XMen movies, it wouldn't worry me in the slightest if the majority of them had me hugging up to Hale Berry but the vast majority seem to be obsessed with me and Patrick Stewart.

    Do I come over as being gay?

    I hope not, fame sometimes can suck, which is another reason I have started up this journal, in the vague hope that others will talk freely about how they deal with constant fan mail and slash type stories being delivered to them?

    Don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm not normally narrowminded or biggoted about anything I just have never been subjected to this kind of over the top strangeness before. At times I wish I had never taken on the role of Iceman, it seems my whole world is changing and there is very little I can do about it.

    I'm 24 I am famous all over the world for portraying a teenager, why is it some people would rather believe in the fantasy they see on the screen instead of reality? I don't mind reading the letters that ask me questions about being a superhero, in fact I answer a few of them they're entertaining. I think I've done enough blabbering on for one session though so I guess I'm signing off.

    Shawn Ashton.

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2003-07-27 17:03 (link)
My name is Miranda and I want to know if you are the real Shawn? I think you are really cute. I want to know then if you are you can give me your aim sn and I will talk to you.

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2003-07-28 01:49 (link)
I'm sorry but no I'm not the real Shawn as you should be able to see this is a journal on a site where anyone can get access too, you really should pay a little bit more attention.

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2003-07-28 01:51 (link)
Hi .. and thanks for the welcome but as far as I know I've not actually been accepted as a member yet.

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2003-07-28 11:05 (link)
You have been accepted!! -dances- Welcome! I am Jessica Andrews... I will help you feel at home with us. Need anything, just ask! My AIM is goddessjeia. Talk to you later!

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2003-07-28 11:10 (link)
Hi I am Mandy Moore and I want to say Hi and welcome. My AIM is tigger1083 Im me any time.

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