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Shawn Ashton (iceman_cometh) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 16:42:00
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    Current mood: dorky

    I'm at the airport ... I'm at the airport waiting for Mandy Moore .. I got my Mom to help me get dressed I sort of didn't want her to think I was a scruffy idiot as well as super nerd, but now I feel over dressed. I asked Jessica to find out what type of flowers where Mandy's favorites she said Yellow Roses, I've arranged for her room to be filled with them when we arrive at the hotel ... is that a bit too much?

    I just really want her to like me, she is .. well ..

    (Laughs to himself a little as he's only really talked to her a few times, but after seeing her on the TV has had a sort of thing about her.)

    I wonder if she really wants to like me, like me and just not want to be friends, well I don't mind just being friends, because you can never have to many, I'm just worried that when she meets me she will sort of wish she wasn't going to be stuck with me on a long flight over to Ireland. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    (Looking at his reflection in the window semi panicking trying to flatten down his hair a bit as it has a habbit of sticking up all over the place.)


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2003-08-01 19:38 (link)
Aww Shawn that is so sweet. Mandy will and does like you.

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2003-08-12 02:52 (link)
[[ *Jogs up to car slipping in a 48 hour update notice on the winshield* ]]

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