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Ashleigh (icebergh) wrote,
@ 2004-01-25 14:42:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:can't stop, won't stop / young gunnerz & chingy

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I KNOW. I neglected it. Actually, the real truth is that I moved to another server, buutt .. I've got some free time while I'm procrastinating doing work, so I thought I would update!

    Update about what. Um, well, I don't know. Since I can't remember the last time I updated this, and I'm too damn lazy to check, I suppose I'll just do an over view of the past few months as brief as I can make it. Haha. Brief. Me. Wow.

    I think I auditioned for Swing Choir in Sept. Regardless, I got in ( go me! ).
    Helped plan the Welcome Back dance, sponsored by the Sophomore class. Danced with Jay Fisset ( it is really quite pathetic that dancing with him was actually a HIGHLIGHT of the dance. )

    Spent most of the month working on Homecoming with StuCo & Sophomore Class. Went to the stadium and built the bonfire - got covered in hay, smelled like a barn animal for the rest of the school day. Our sophomore class float came in 2nd place. Ran across the football team to crown the Homecoming court, got my face painted half brown, half gold. Made an ass out of myself. Wow, sounds like a normal night for me!

    Kyle visited the day before Thanksgiving. Went to Boston, went ice skating at Frog Pond, almost killed him for almost making me fall. Ate Chinese food, went to my grandmothers, came home, he left.
    Went out to eat for Thanksgiving dinner, went to my cousins afterwards and proceeded to eat most of the tiramisu ( what do you want from me, no one else was asking for any ).

    Chorus & Band Christmas concert. Um, fun. Stripped off my robe and ran down to the cafeteria for the Snow Ball dance. Danced to Britney Spears with Kara and Kathleen since there wasn't anyone at the dance and we didn't care!! Guilted my 'date', Ryan, to dance with me.
    Got sick for three days before vacation. Went to Florida just getting over the stomach bug and an ear infection. Basked in golden sun and 76 degree weather for 14 days. Had to go to Animal Kingdom to get Rob & April's Disney vouchers verified, decided to go in my Grumpy pajamas & Marquette sweatshirt, got weird looks. Went to Universal's CityWalk and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, ate lots of food, froze my ass off. Went to the Nike store and bought sneakers ( what a time ). Went to Magic Kingdom, went on 4 rides, bought a cool cowboy hat.

    And finally, January;
    Started musical ( The Music Man ) rehearsals, and Drivers Ed.
    Like rehearsals. Despise Drivers Ed.

    That was exciting. Bored, now. !

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2004-02-06 00:30 (link)
blargh. ::hugs:: update more. and add me to your friends list!

if you don't know who this is...

:eats confetti:

hint hint?

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