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yvonne (domncroxd) wrote in ibhostagesplace,
@ 2004-09-29 18:14:00
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    hey all...was searchin the net for 'TOK presentation topics' when i came across blurty! it's pretty cool...anyways...
    my name's yvonne and im in my final IB year. studyin in singapore, and im really freaked now...-.-. i just found out that my assessed TOK presentation went down the drain because my partner's part of the presentation pulled me down, so i decided to do another one. BY MYSELF.

    anyways, i'd just like to hear some opinions about the topic i'm thinkin about right now.
    How do Western ideals of beauty influence the oriental *Asian* perceptions of beauty?
    i'm goin to discuss the 'old' asian perceptions of beauty, such as the art of footbinding, but now it's seen as horrendous and unthinkable. due to globalization, many aspects of western fashion have intermingled with that of asian 'fashion' as well as ideals of beauty. now everybody wants to be thin, etc etc.

    what do you think? thanks so much ~~

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2004-09-29 08:09 (link)
Hey, so you managed - cool ^^

I think that idea sounds really good! I'd find it interesting anyway, and I think someone in my grade had a similar topic, so that should be ok! ^_^
Good luck ^^

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