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Bleeding Polaroid (enidcoleslaw) wrote in ibhostagesplace,
@ 2004-02-08 00:20:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Veruca Salt - Loneliness Is Worse

    Blah, I'm so bitter. I had to hand in my final, final copies of world lit one and world lit two. I think I did really good on world lit one, but it could have used more quotes. It's "Introversion in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. World lit two, I did a creative essay, which I think is 2a, I wrote an additional chapter for Allende's The House Of The Spirits. It was a piece of shit. I've never made up so much crap in my life. Then today at 3:25 I had the oral exam *shudders*. The piece I was given was "after apple picking" By Frost. I did so awfull, I think I used the word assonance where it wasn't applicable. Oh, well, I'm an idiot. I think the only thing I really learned writing those stupid world lits is how to spell Dostoyevsky. How pathetic is that?

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2004-02-09 19:10 (link)
Oy... I hope I don't end up feeling the same way. I turned in my final WL1 last week. I got a 17/20 on the IB scale on the rough draft... so I'm fairly confident on that one. I compared tradition in LA to the LA novels of Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Pedro Paramo. I don't remember what point I was trying to make... but there was one.

I haven't started WL2 yet. The rough draft is due Friday and I'm doing a comparison of Tres Marias and the Big House on the Corner... to prove a point that I haven't thought up yet. -_-;; I don't think my WL2 is going to be nearly as good as I hoped it to be.

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