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Stacy (i_take_drugs) wrote,
@ 2004-05-22 19:43:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Funeral for a friend - Your Revolution Is A Joke

    sometimes i wish i could just not be where i am in my life. I could have the pefect boyfriend...but i dont coz Isla has him. =( I like him so much it sucks! HMPF! Work sucked again today. I got another complaint coz im rude 2 the customers. heh....Like i care!? If they didnt want to come shopping FUCKIN SHOP ONLINE FOR FUCKSAKE! Grrr! I hate the world...and life! eugh! it sucks!
    Great...Im goin 2 beckys party later...I hate becky...she stole simon away from me. I dont like simon nemore but yeh thats not the point he told me he loved me...then a week later he goes out with becky. The moment Becky found out that i pulled Foley shes been like "Oh...Foley keeps starin at me!" Why would he do that? He hates the bitch! and shes ugly....But so am i so i guess he likes ugly girls! Meh.. My life has gone downhill since i fucked matt. Everyone seems to hate me. Coz hes the guy everyone fancies and i...yeh!
    Im sorry.

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Like metalcore?
2004-05-23 02:29 (link)
if so check this out ;)

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