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What's it to you? (i_smoke_tampons) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 23:28:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    Umm yeah, this is gross.

    I redid fucked up my journal i_smoke_tampons if you want to see it. I don't know, maybe someone could make the boxes all situated to the right or in the middle for me? Thanks.

    Last night I went to Barnes And Nobel to do my work. There just happens to be a Starbucks in said Barnes And Nobel, and the only places to sit are in said Starbucks... needless to say, I was very hyper when I got home.

    That about sums up the nothingness of my weekend.

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2003-05-05 12:44 (link)
wow- thats really cool, in a very confusing sort of way, but hey! its nifty looking. i'll try to fix it for you... me=computer nerd so umm.. yea- you can im me and ask me if you want to...

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2003-05-05 18:48 (link)
Oh thank you thank you thank you! All bazillion of my journals have the same problem actually, 'cept with different backgrounds. I'll IM you when I get on my computer. :)

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2003-05-05 14:22 (link)
i could never, ever study at starbucks. too many pseudo-bohemians hanging out. or the punk middle schoolers are out there growing up too fast.

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2003-05-05 18:42 (link)
Whenever I study at Starbucks it's either full of college kids who don't speak engligh, professors, or middle aged women with kids, screaming for a cookie. Other than the kids, it's a great place to study. I mean, it's full of resources if you need an extra reference. The Starbucks is just an added bonus I suppose.

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2003-05-06 03:09 (link)
I don't know if you fixed it or not, but it does look pretty good :)

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2003-05-06 09:51 (link)
I love Barnes and Nobles.. *le sighs* Any mass bookstores with rows upon rows of books are my friends!

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