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curlie gurlie (i_luv_98degrees) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 20:24:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:invisible

    If I was invisible
    Then I could just watch you in your room
    If I was invincible
    I'd make you mine tonight
    If hearts were unbreakable
    Then I can just tell you where I stand
    I would be the smartest man
    If I was invisible
    (Wait..I already am)
    I saw your face in the crowd
    I called out your name
    You don't hear a sound
    I keep tracing your steps
    Each move that you make
    Wish I could read what goes through your mind
    Wish you could touch me with the colors of your life

    ...well i made a new layout...i heart it..i luvv tha icon!! is getting better...jill is still mad at me and thats tha only bad officaly over omar and chacho...were just friends...i could never kiss chacho idk why and omar is just omar...ya know...i like sumone a lot and i really wanna go out with them...lets see waht happens...

    are tha most important part of my life i mean i could never make it through wifout em!! im really happy ,e nad heather are good again...we talked in tha bano like all 9th!! i luvv her!! shes a sweetie...sammo n blake are still my loves...they are always there and soo guys hmmm i couldnt go a day without em they are amazin...chorus n spanish n study hall would be sooooooooo boring witout the guys...hehehehe..well i got sum shyt to do...hw n clothes for adiaos!!

    RisSa xOxO

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2003-11-19 21:48 (link)
your a krazy one dinkz but i gatto love yhah imm out swimming gotta get ready ah ah ah go go go go hehe im krazy! madd love :-* mWaHz* kissez x.o.x.o lissa

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