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_&# he`s loving me for me (i_love_chock) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 18:47:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Hoobastank-Running Away

    i`m really pissed. at my dad & grandad that is.
    my dad bitched me out cause I wasn`t outside waiting for him
    and i`m like what the fuck? cause my grandad bitched me out right before him cause he didnt wanna hear fiddy cent and he was on the radio and hes like "CUT IT OFF"and im like "no i love him" and and he turned it off and i was like "GOD UR SO FREAKIN RACIST"
    so yea. today sucked. mondays always do. anyway...i saw my mom at the store lol. yea. and my brother LOL. hah. i`m thinking of moving back in with them cause it`s so fucking HARD over here. anyway, kayla told me that brian wanted to kiss her today. what the hell? he breaks up with her & gets with fuckin iris & now suddenly he wants to kiss her. whatever dude. fuck him. he`s so fake. fuckin player. ok anyway enough ranting and raving about guys.
    ed dyed his hair and got it cut. aw it`s so cute lol. omg he wrote "show us your boobs" on my arm rofl. my mom saw it too. loll she just laughed tho. he also drew dice on there and hillary wrote "roll model" on it ha. and amber wrote "hey. -amber" and then ed also wrote "howdy" ha i love them. i really hate guys. most of them that is. i hate girls too. you know what...i actually hate alot of people. but not my friends lol. i LOVE u guys.
    i don`t feel good. i didn`t have a pen/pencil in 2nd period so i couldnt write down my assignment. i`ll probably get grounded for that too. it sucks. so fuckin bad.
    my dad is mowing the yard. about damn time. that retard let it grow it forever.
    I think jessi & hillary gave me anthrax cause i`m really sick.
    aw jessi went home early.
    man, i just went for a walk and just like cried so much.
    god damnit. chock doesn`t even know i`m depressed gjlkjgkjdfkfd
    er okay i`m being lame. bye.

    so why are you running away?

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2003-03-25 17:50 (link)
hey sweetie! i just want u to know that i love you! BFFL! hey ~ i bet u a million g's that brian and iris don't last long! i still like him tho... oh well. i gotta admit i'm a little jealous when i see them in the hall. man hillary prolly thinks i'm obsessed w/ cody cuz we walked thru the gym like a billion times! o well. i don't even think he likes me. *tear* well i'm gonna go! i love you sweetie! *kiss* ~Me~

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