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_&# he`s loving me for me (i_love_chock) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 14:16:00
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    Current mood: hyper

    so church was really boring.
    lmfao we almost got lectured by the preacher ;x
    lol er it`s not my fault. i swear it isn`t lol.
    yea it was fun. we went to the playground & swing swinged for a while.
    then we left & came home. we didn`t kno what we wanted for lunch so i asked dave for suggestions & he said wendy`s so we got wendy`s lmao.
    loll anqel_eyes just left like 30 minutes ago. cherriez_biche is reading a book about the bell witch or something lmao. she is crazyyyyy. now she is watching me type this and giggling aimlessly LOLL omg yesterday when we were in her truck, these big black glasses came flying down the dashboard and i almost flew out the was so hilarious omg hahah. and then this coffee cup fell on the floorboard rofl. i mean them glasses were gigantic. i think i saw them in the party room bathroom under the sink once LOL omg rofl. loll mann hills has to go home soon ;[
    MY GRANDPARENTS ARE MEAN ASSES!! loll but yea...chock left me a message while i was at church woot. i love him <3 rawrrrrr my chock-o-lit haha mk well i`ma go talk to katie well my grandma babbles aimlessly about getting ready to go. byeee byeeee.

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