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_&# he`s loving me for me (i_love_chock) wrote,
@ 2003-03-22 23:25:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:none

    me & kayla are sittin here & hillary is sittin behind us on the couch w/ grandaddy. hah um we got back from strike & spare like 30 minutes ago. well...we didn`t stay there that much. omg this stupid ass rent-a-cop was like following us &_ shit i was like u mothaa fucker go the fuck away dumbass! he was like a chink or somethin lmfao michael like cussed him out rofl. he was shining the flashlight in his car lol it was funny. lol omg hillary has anthrax -runs- loll yea poor hillsee. k anyways, omg i went to mcdonalds & i was acting so fucking crazy just for the hell of it. lmfao i`m talking to my baby chock lol lookiie what i just said to him.
    piink is punk x: he was a stoner boyy she saidddd "calm that boner boy!"
    rofl yeaaa i`m a fuckkinnn dork haha. weeeeeeeeee.
    hillary is standing behind me LOL she is "giggiling aimlessly" rofl.
    she is soooo crazy. omg rofl it was so funny. these people on tv were like "move bush get out the way bush get out the way" -dies- ludacris is inspiring everyone these a days isnt he? lmfao OMG hillary just hit me in the boob she is "practicing karate"
    LOLl kung fu! haha omg crazy asses. kayla is laughing hysterically .
    lol yuh yuhhh....haha lol well i`ma let hills write in her journal.

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