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Jessica (i_heart_jimmy) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 08:29:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:the strokes/12 51

    fucking gay
    dear die ary
    yes this is fucking gay.. blurty is gay.. this is all GAY! okay. im done. i got skool in like 20 minutes. woo fucking hoo! that makes me happy. :D or not. :\ so yeah. my mom flipped out at my dad yesterday. at least it wasnt me right? its always me... oh well. today we have "lab lab got to lab" lol its so much fun. i like lab. lol. me n liz n stacy n ashley have way to much fun in that class. lol. with the black hole n other random crap and i wear goggles all the time. even when we dont need them. mucho funo. i talked to kelliby last night. i mish her like whoa. we havent seen each other in 43570985 years. but then next time we hang out were gunna hang out with dennis. we all noe him and yeah hes cool. i saw him in skool yesterday and i was like "hi wow ur in skool :thumbs up:" and he was like "yeah..." then i had to go cuz we were late for class. and i saw joe brother. skool is actually fun if we didnt have to work. we had a sub for mr bakers class. lol we had this guy with an accordian and it was so funny. hanner came in our class and the security guard came ina nd was like "who ever dont belong in here leave now.. TAKE OUT UR PROGRAM CARDS" lol but noe one has them ne more but she lefr n hanner got to stay! yay! it was fun.. okay i shall go now.. later days pple

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