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Padfoot (i_hate_rats) wrote,
@ 2003-04-05 16:19:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:Hoobastank: "Crawling In The Dark"

    Hello world!!!!!!
    Today was really uneventful. I woke up about 12, got some lunch, and then goofed off. I drew a couple of ant-rat pictures today. Most of them were pictures of me killing, eating, and destroying them. Lacee didn't seem to like them very much. She said that it was because of stuff like this ... that makes her worry about me. I asked her if we could put the one with all the blood and torture objects on the wall, but she refused. She's just jealous of my talent. I'm sure that's the reason why she wouldn't let me.

    Oh well ... onward with the entry ...

    Order of The Phoenix comes out in June. I can't wait! It's supposed to have more things about muah in it. ^_^ I've being trying to find a really good picture of me on the Internet. So, all you lovely people can see what I look like. But, there aren't as many as I had hoped for. ::shrugs:: Well, I got to stop now. Lacee needs to use the computer. ::mumbles:: selfish prat ::mumbles:: Bye!!!

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Yay for Padfoot!!
2003-04-06 13:11 (link)
I'm glad you have your own journal now, Padfoot! Yay for you!

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Re: Yay for Padfoot!!
2003-04-06 13:24 (link)
^_^ Yes, yay for me!!! Do you like rats, Sarah? I hope not. ::shudders:: Rats are the spawns of Satan!

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