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Padfoot (i_hate_rats) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 11:08:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:Ewan Mcgregor: "Your Song"

    Lacee's upset. She says there is nothing bothering her ... but I know there is. What should I do to cheer her up? Anyone have any thoughts?

    Well, since school has been out for Lacee ... things have been really slow. But I guess that's a good thing, huh? Now I can sleep in late as I want. Yay for me! Poor Lacee, though. She can't ... her parents won't let her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ::cough:: Errr .... right.

    Lacee bought me a new paint set yesterday! Yay! She felt sorry for me. She started tickling me the other day ... and I kind of had ... a ... ummmm ... an accident. ::blushes:: It was rather embarrassing, but Lacee felt bad so she bought me this to make up for it. Little does she know that revenge is a hard thing to get out of one's mind. Especially the mind of Sirius "Padfoot" Black. Hehehe ... and little does she know that revenge will come about by a certain paint set ... and perhanps her ... closet doors? Yes, that seems like the perfect place to paint my "revenge mural." HAHAHAHAHA! ::evil grin::

    WAIT! I just had a thought ... if she's already upset ... then this will just make her worse. Dangit! It's not fair! Someone cheer her up so I can vandalize her door!

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2003-06-03 04:08 (link)
::cheers lacee up:: Go for it, buddy ;)

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2003-06-08 00:31 (link)
WOW ... it seems to have worked. YAY! ::hugs Andy:: Thanks buddie! ::runs off to look for paint set:: ::comes back in the room looking with an evil smirk::

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2003-06-06 08:12 (link)
ooooooooo......... paint! =) ::muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!::

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2003-07-10 19:12 (link)
Hey Padfoot!! I just wanted to tell you that I wrote a HP fan fiction... its one where Harry is being psychologically tortured... so that should cheer Lacee up!! I hope the girl in your icon is NOT going to play Sirius in HP3. I'd CRY!! AGAIN!!

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Re: ::meep::
2003-07-30 00:30 (link)
Hey, that's not very nice! That happens to be close to what I look like. ::snorts indignantly::

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::cough cough:: Mooney speaking...
2003-07-24 14:45 (link)
Hey Padfoot! Watcha been up to? You really need to update your journal, man... its really pathetic. I mean... the first of June?! You should do it for Courtney... after all, she did make you those sexy pink boxers with the sparkly paw-prints sewn on the butt. I bet you look nice lounging on Lacee's bed with those on... ::winks::. Courtney doesn't make those nice things for me, but I don't need them. After all... I sleep in the nude.

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Re: ::cough cough:: Mooney speaking...
2003-07-30 00:38 (link)

::glomps Moony::

How about this ... YOU get yourself a journal ... and I will update. Kay my dear sexy werewolf?

Oh and yes ... I DO look quite fetching in my new shorts. Especially when I'm on Lacee's bed. ::giggles:: ::Lacee slaps Padfoot for his dirty suggestion:: Ouch! ::glares at her:: Anyway I'll talk you later buddy! Sweet dreams with Courtney! ::turns to Lacee, who is still mad at him:: Awe, I'm sorry, love ... forgive me. ::Lacee rolls her eyes and walks away:: Nooooo! Don't leave me, Lacee! ::glomps Lacee:: ::Lacee gives in and returns Padfoot's glomp::

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