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Paranoid Android (i_am_nobody) wrote,
@ 2005-01-08 00:05:00
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    oh wow, a public entry!
    some general things I have noticed whilst digging through my friends list lately:

    1) people posting pictures in the various photography comms on my list:
    Why do they insist on posting such huge images? I got so fed up with my page scrolling sideways forever that I stuck an overflow:auto; in the css so a scrollbar appears in the box instead of the whole page.
    But seriously, large pictures = slow loading, scrolling, and when you only see a quarter of the picture, it's a bit harder to work out what it is, and whether it's any good or not. ehh. Thumbnail link to bigger pic, fine. lj-cutted, fine. Scrolling friends list, not fine.

    2) idiots who have thousands of rules for their own comms which 'lyk, u r not aloud 2 brk, lyk, evar!!11!', but fail to consider that the community they are posting in has it's own rules. yes folks, I've been lurking in community_ads again, leaving fairly dull comments. Too many of 'em to think up decent snarkyness :(

    However, the humans on my list (yes, that does include you) are far superior to these fools, and don't clog my page with crap. Yay! :)

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2005-01-07 19:42 (link)
the scrollbar for each entry is fantastic! does that work for table-based layouts, too? i guess not.
anyway. i use mozilla so the action of my choice is "ignore graphics of this server".

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2005-01-07 19:48 (link)
I don't tend to use tables much, so I wouldn't know if it worked with them or not

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2005-01-07 23:29 (link)
Seriously, I need to figure out where in my layout that needs to go. Nothing pisses me off more than to try and view my friends page, only to be lagged to the point where I just click the red x at the top of my browser.

Wow, an open post. Maybe I should come back and post some snarky a no no mouse comments. =x

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