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Shakespeare Fairy (hyperprep) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 21:26:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Transylvanian Concubine

    Saturday- We went to the Nazareth Orphanage for a festival to raise money and were with Hoffs' Grill ! They had this HUGE store (I guess where those kids buy their stuff from) well of course no name brand clothes but awesome and cute low rise bikini panties and nice bras! hehe well i bought a beautiful blanket that matches my room!
    Sunday- just laid around because we were so tired from saturday
    Monday- Me and Jenny were playing around and this girl named Kristy got on and started talking to Jonathan ( my boyfriend) well he didn't know it was that she hates me and was sending me the conversation and he started talking to "Kristy" and I'm not going into it because I realise now Jonathan meant nothing he said to her (hopefully) Well me being the b*t*h i am went off! Well We stopped talking and everything and Jonathan became really depressed because I cussed him out and so did I.
    Tuesday- :Me and Jonathan were still not talking: I spent the night with Haley and we watched The Craft and tryed some spells. We did the one to remember a past life and It was so scary! My face literally turned into a man. While I was watching The Craft people kept calling Haley's house and asking for me! My sister called because she wanted me and Jon to be okay again and her and Jenny were "worried" My sister went through my conversations and read them! One of the pictures I have is a picture of me called "high" because it looked like I was high so now my sister thinks I smoke reefer! UGH!
    Wednesday- I stayed with Jenny the whole day getting ready for her and Anna's pool party. Well, When went to Anna's house we stayed inside untill we could go outside (rain).. but it kept raining so people came and swam anyways! It was FREEZING! The pool is 4 1/2 feet deep and I think it's at least 20 feet wide. Well Anna's house is an (estimated guess) 1.1 million dollar Victorian house so obviously if you didn't swim we still had fun! We had fun in the garage, which is transformed into a mini movie theatre (projector on the wall) Jonathan was at the party and we didn't speak a word to each other! It was really boring untill around 10:30 and when Haley got there (Haley always cheers everything up! lol) because I didn't want to ruin my hair and plus the water was freezing! Well When everyone started to leave around 10:30 it acctually got FUN! Me and Nathanial got in front of the movie projector and started looking at peoples shadows as they went by and made shadow puppets like dorks! And we catched Jenny in the act of picking her nose! And NO Jenny, we will not let u forget that even though you tryed to say your nose was itching! Then whenever Anna would walk somewhere everyone would follow her so we started calling them bullfrogs. Well of course Lauren and David started making out like the whole time and David just made me so mad! He tells me all the time about how he likes other girls and yet he claims he is true to Lauren. But oh well Lauren just wants the dick anyways. So, I got tired of them making out so I was like "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS NOT ALLOWED!" and then me and Nathanial started talking about how we didn't want any "baby bullfrogs" (if you catch our drift) and whenever david and lauren would go to kiss they would raise their hands so of course that was the the "bullfrog mating dance" It was TOO funny! Me and my van crew (Britney, Haley, Nathanial, Amanda, Jenny, Me) made up a song to the tune of "The Brady Bunch" called "The Bullfrog Bunch" Heres how it goes:
    Here's the story of a lovely bullfrog,
    Who was bringing up three very lovely bullfrogs.
    All of them had lots of warts, like their mother,
    The youngest one in moles
    Here's the story, of a another male bullfrog
    Who was busy with three bullfrogs of his own.
    They were four bullfrogs living all together, in a very small pond!
    Till the one day when the bullfrog met this bullfrog
    And they knew that it was much more than a hump!
    That this group would somehow form a family.
    That's the way we all became the Bullfrog Bunch!
    The Bullfrog Bunch! The Bullfrog Bunch! Thats the way we became the BULLFROG BUNCH!

    We had ALOT of time on our hands TRUST me! hehe We are the van crew because we all rode home together (same neighborhood excluding Haley) Well, now for today!

    Today (Thursday)- I woke up early this morning and went with Tim to get blood drawn to see how much medicine he needed to start taking because he had hip replacement surgery. Then we went to the mall (who says money can't buy happiness? hehe) well I bought Ellen a birthday present (I am going to her pool party tommorrow) Well when I got home me and Jonathan settled all of our problems! I love him to death! I know I was like "I hate you, but I love you" but just excuse that. I don't mean half of the stuff I say it just comes out! But I really do love Jonathan. Alot of people are asking like "why? why?" but I'm not putting our conversation on here that we had that settled everything so don't worry or wonder about it. Go wonder about helping solve world hunger or something! Well that's about all for today! I have to talk to Jonathan before he gets off!


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