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Hydroplayne (hydroplayne) wrote,
@ 2005-06-08 23:45:00
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    There hasnt been an update in a while--- and a bunch has happened:

    For one, Hydroplayne played at Sam's Party to very enthusiastic reception. They were a huge success. Everyone now wants to know when their CD is coming out.

    On that note, the day after the party, Sam, Craig, and Piper went to Middlebridge to lay down some more tracks. Craig, this being his first recording session, did very well and put down all the tracks for the songs previously worked one. Then the three started work on "Give Anything." Unfortunately, Sam's voice was in very poor condition, so he couldnt lay down any vocals. But the rest went very well. This will be the last recording session for a while, as summer is starting and band members go on vacation. The next session tentatively scheduled is on July 3rd, when Emma finally gets a chance to record! And then TOUR (hopefully)!!!

    That's about all for now, except that the site is slowly being revamped. So check there for new features (an image page is already up)!
    Until next time, Happy Dreams, All!

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2005-06-10 00:16 (link)
Sam you are incredible... Everything is so professional.

- James

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