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Hybrid Steve (hybridcomposite) wrote,
@ 2003-07-12 16:22:00
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    Current mood: grumpy
    Current music:The Thrills-Big Sur

    The Old Abbey
    What a shit gig.Shaggy did ok he held the beat well.The crowd was non-existent and what little crowd was there were more interested in getting wasted.They were all really old alcoholic bikers like in there 50's.I swear there was even sawdust on the ground no messin fucking sawdust.

    We arrived at like 10:25 due to play at 10:30.We were late because we couldn't find the key to the trailer.We realised Sean must have it so at 9:30 we had to go to Sean's to get it because he was away and his sisters didn't have transport so we got back to Belturbet at 9:50 to pick up shaggy and his drums.It was a cunt of a drive I needed to take a leak badly.

    So there you go thats what happened last night.I wish to forget it.

    Playing tonite in Gurns in Manorhamiltoon.Don't know what drummer we're gettin.I hope its a better gig than last night anyway.

    Oh yeah a girl called Tracy works in the Old Abbey she's friends with Fidelma.She didn't speak to me all night.

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