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*0o little cool kitty o0* (hummelstein) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 23:51:00
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    oh i miss my cupcake, hes in the bahamas right now. i wish i could be too. ever miss someone, and you know they miss you too, and every once in a while you can feel them missing you, saying in their mind, i love you and cant wait to get back and see you? i felt that last night, i know its silly. but i think we can, not so much esp but a mutual feeling, talk to each other. but i hope hes having fun, i hope he gets a tan, hes a little "glow in the dark" but hey hes irish. me i'm brown without a tan well more olive. he looks twice as white next to me. its funny that i miss him, sometimes i really want to be without him, i want to have a choice i want to flirt, but then i realize how this town is full of jerks and hes so sweet to me, hes the best there is for me at this moment. so why not hang on to him?

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